ZincAl & Colorplus Roofsheeting

Aluminium Zinc Coating

The mild steel substrate is continuously hot dipped in a formulation of Aluminium (55%) Zinc (43.5%), and Silicon (1.5%). The combination of aluminium and Zinc increases the sacrificial properties therefore extending the service life span of a steel roof of up to 4 times that of galvanised steel. The aluminium components of the coating provide a tough physical barrier between the extreme atmospheric conditions and the inner core of steel. The Zinc in the coating protects the stel where exposed.

Galvanised Coating

The mild steel substrate is continuously hot dipped in an almost pure Zinc formulation. Zinc has inherent sacrificial properties and corodes first before the mild steel core. Galvanising offers almost twice the service life than that of the steel substrate. A unique spangle appearance gives Galvanised steel its signature in the market.

SAFAL Colours Available at Algoa Steel

Our range of SAFAL Colorplus Colours are listed below. Click on a colour to see an example. (keep in mind due to different computer screens, actual colours might differ)



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