Manufacturing Process

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Manufacturing process of alloy-coated and galvanised steel

1. Entry section
At the entry accumulator, the 55% Al-Zn alloy-coated or galvanised steel base strips are delivered to the continuous color coating line after passing the jointer and the entry accumulator for continuous processing.

2. Chemical pretreatment
A zinc phosphate conversion coating is chemically applied to the galvanised steel to enhance the corrosion resistance and to ensure secure bonding surface for the paint films.

3. Coating, baking, printing and laminating section
The paint is evenly applied to the base sheet by a coater according to the standard coating thickness and then baked in the prime oven and finish oven. Printing and laminating processes are also available in this section.

4. Tension leveller
Steel strip is tension leveled to ensure that the finished product meets the cusotmers' requirements of flatness.

5. Exit section
The finished products are cut to the coil sizes specified by the customers. Meanwhile, to ensure the quality of the steel coils, the operators make the appropriate treatment on the finished products in compliance with the quality assurance regulation.


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