Heat Transmission & Reflectivity

Heat Resistance

Similar to the aluminium coated steel sheet that can resist high temperature oxidation, 55% Al-Zn alloy-coated steel sheet demonstrates better resistance to hgih temperature than the galvanized steel sheet. SYSCO's 55% AL-Zn alloy-coated steel sheet can be used in temperatures up to 315°C.

Heat Transmission and Reflectivity

55% Al-Zn alloy-coated steel coil has a high reflectivity value making it an effective barrier against heat.

Aluminium has excellent heat reflectivity properties, and is commonly used in architecture materials. It can be used to reduce the heat energy and regulate the temperature of a room. It is a kind of energy-saving, environmentally friendly material. 55% Al-Zn alloy-coated steel products have better resistance to high temperature than galvanized products with regards to its oxidation features. Therefore, 55% Al-Zn alloy-coated steel products can be used in a temperature up to 300°C.

Weight Saving

The specific gravity of aluminium is about 3.69g/cm3. To make a comparison between Galvalume and galvanised steel coils based on the same subtracts and coating weight terms, the length of 55% Al-Zn alloy-coated steel coils will be longer than galvanised for about 1~3%. (Minor differences may exist, but still within an allowable tolerance.)

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Heat Transmission and Reflectivity of alloy-coated steel


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