Corrugated Dams / Zinc Reservoirs

The Algoa Flexi-dams is our answer to corrugated dams. These dams are manufactured from Algoa Steel's corrugated galvanised sheeting and are completely portable from start to finish with a assembly time of +- 3 hours.
  • 0.8mm and 1mm zincalume sheeting
  • 100% water proof
  • SABS tested
  • 1000g/sqm black pvc with re-inforced polyester base
  • Linings are suitable for drinking water and fish
  • UV stabilizers
  • Contains biocides to limit the growth of fungus
  • High frequentative welding used on all joints
  • 10 year guarantee on manufacturing defect and exposure to the sun
  • 10mm bolts
  • Any size outlet can be fitted (comes standard with outlet and tap)

These corrugated dams are avalable in the following standard sizes:
  • 3.5m x 1.6m (15 000L capacity)
  • 4.6m x 1.6m (25 000L capacity)
  • 5.8m x 1.6m (40 000L capacity)
  • 6.9m x 1.6m (55 000L capacity)
  • 8m x 1.6m (75 000L capacity)
  • 9.1m x 1.6m (97 000L capacity)
  • 10.3m x 1.6m (122 500L capacity)
  • 11.5m x 1.6m (151 000L capacity)
  • 12.6m x 1.6m (182 500L capacity)
  • 3.5m 2.2m (21 000L capacity)
  • 4.6m 2.2m (36 500L capacity)
  • 5.8m x 2.2m (56 500L capacity)
  • 6.9m 2.2m (81 000L capacity)
  • 8m x 2.2m (110 000L capacity)
  • 9.1m x 2.2m (142 000L capacity)
  • 10.3m x 2.2m (180 000L capacity)
  • 11.5m x 2.2m (221 500L capacity)
  • 12.6m x 2.2m (267 500L capacity)
  • Custom size - contact us for a quote on any custom size
Assembly and/or delivery of these zinc reservoirs can be arranged.
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Algoa Flexi-dams


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