Steel and Roofing Components

IBR Roofsheeting

IBR is a square fluted profile and the broad flute offers excellent drainage. IBR can be used for roofing and side cladding and can be Bullnosed or Cranked to customers specifications. IBR can be used for residential, commercial and industrial roofing in Galvanised, ZincAl, Aluzinc, HULAMIN Aluminium and Colorplus sheets.
  • Galvanised: 0.50mm
  • Aluzinc: 0.40mm/0.47mm
  • Pre-painted Aluzinc: 0.50mm
IBR Roofsheeting

Corrugated Roofsheeting

Corrugated profile is traditional S-Rib for roofing of side cladding. Corrugated sheets can be cranked, curved and bullnosed to customers specifications. Corrugated can be used for residential, commercial and industrial roofing in Galvanised, Aluzinc, ZincAl, HULAMIN Aluminium and Colorplus sheets.
  • Galvanised: 0.30mm/0.50mm
  • ZincAl: 0.40mm/0.47mm
  • Colorplus: 0.50mm
Corrugated Sheeting

Widespan Sheeting

Widespan is an alternative for more economical sidecladding on big commercial buildings, warehouses and farm sheds. The trapezoidal widespan profile offers greater spans and lower roof slopes than corrugated sheeting but provides the same covering width.

Widespan Sheeting


We also have a full range of flashings in galvanised, aluzinc and pre-painted aluzinc available in stock and can also do flashings to the customer specification.

Gutters and all accessories can also be made to customer specification.

A wide range of roof fasteners, bolts and nuts is also available, with the choice of drilling or knocking it into steel or timber purlins.

Algoa Steel also keep in stock a wide range of pre-galavanised and mild steel lip channels.


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Algoa Steel is a proudly South African privately owned company situated in Greenbushes, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We manufacture roofsheeting and supply all products needed for your roof, carport or building.